Safety Overview

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Safety at Club Workshop 

Safety at Club Workshop is very important. Safety begins with each and every member making sure that they wear the correct safety equipment, and using each piece of equipment in the correct manner.

Tools & Equipment Classification

To provide clearly identifiable tool, equipment and area classifications, Club Workshop has implemented a system that is easy to learn, use and display and maintains the workshops focus on member safety at all times. Similar to the systems used at ski resorts worldwide, the system is an easy to remember graphical representation of what you must do to utilize the equipment.


Green Circle

Green Circle equipment will be available to all members of the shop after viewing the Club Workshop Safety Video.

Blue Square

Blue square items include advanced equipment and tools that are mostly found in the main workshop area of the club. Prior to using Blue Square equipment, members will need to watch a specific safety video on the individual equipment operation and safety, or in some cases a "check-out" by a Club Workshop employee will be available.

Black Diamond

Equipment or areas classifed Black Diamond will require attendance at an Equipment Operation and Safety (EOS) class prior to the member’s use of the equipment. 2 EOS classes are included free in most membership packages.

Double Black Diamond

Double Black Diamond designation indicates equipment and areas that restricted to employees only. We know that you may be qualified to operate the equipment, but for a variety of reasons Club Workshop management has determined its best for all that only Employees operate these tools. One example of this is our Dimension 768SST Rapid Prototyping machine. Because of the cost of supplies and equipment operation, this is a Double Black Diamond Machine.



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