Membership Information

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Membership Information

No Joining Fee:

Our joining fee is currently waived when you sign up for Club Workshop memberships.

Membership Benefits:

All memberships include the following benefits

Monthly Memberships

Membership Length

12 Months

6 Months

3 months


$99/ month

$129 / month

$149 / month





Joiner Fee




New Member Package

1 Free EOS Classes

2 Free EOS Classes

2 Free EOS Classes

Free Guest Passes






Punchard Membership

Punch Card Program - $339


Daily Pass $69.00 or $20/hr*

Club Workshop is offering 1 day access thru our Daily Pass.  This is a great way to introduce you to the club, with full access to tools, equipment and facilities. Regular club requirements, including usage and safety agreements apply. To preserve access to some equipment for members, Daily pass access to Black Diamond equipment is restricted to 3 hours max. Additional usage beyond that will incur a $30/hour usage fee.

Extra person $20.00

Guest Pass $10.00

Required with the member's guest will be utilizing tools or equipment.  Guest may only work on member's project (not available with the daily pass).

Additional Information:


Automotive Space Fees:


Inside: Day 0: No Charge

Day 1+ $10 / day

Auto Project Space: $200 / month*

No Storage (i.e. work must constantly progress, no stalled projects)

Vehicle must be mobile (nothing on/under it)


Outside: All vehicles must be logged in & marked with Club Workshop

Day 0 - 6 No Charge

Day 7+ Main Lot: $100/month $25/week

Day 7+ South Lot: $50/month





Storage Fees:

Pallet Box: Small $15 / month
Large $25 / month

Project Space: $2.50 /sq.ft./month *Work must constantly progress. Stalled projects will be charged at Storage Space rates
Storage Space: $3.50 /sq.ft./month

Storage fees must be be paid in advance
Storage only in specified areas
Non Member storage rate: $40/sq. ft./month, Min $400 / month
Fines for Storage Violations $20-$40 / day *Not cleaning up space, use of carts overnight etc.
Automatic billing arrangements are required for all monthly billing.


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